Running Serverless Applications with AWS Lambda

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The trinity of web development technologies. If you’re looking to get ramped up on front-end development, this course is for you. You’ll find it particularly useful if you’re coming from some other area of software development, although experience.
In this course, you will start with a short tour of HTML, CSS, and JS. You’ll get to experiment with them through examples that explain their role and behavior. From there, you will then dive deep into each technology, exploring concepts like forms and controls in HTML, OOP JavaScript, and the most important CSS patterns to make your web pages look good.
In this 3 Months course, my goal is to give you an honest look at how to become a writer—using lessons we’ve built for over 10+ years working with some of the top publishers & specialists in the publishing world. Getting your work published is not impossible nowadays, but getting yourself known as a real author is really hard. You need to build your own style and voice.
We also provide you with materials and reference documents. Throughout the course, you may want to come back and look at these materials. This section should not take you an entire week.
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Skills You Will Gain

$45.00 / month

Instructor Istvan Novak
Duration 3 Months
Lectures 246
Level Advanced
Deadline 3 Oct 2020
Language French, Thai