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XStore is the ultimate solution for your WooCommerce or WordPress site, designed to be powerful, customizable, super-fast, and user-friendly. Start your journey with XStore today!

467 130 29000

130+ Pre-built Demos
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XStore WooCommerce theme Elementor demo

All-in-One Solution. No Extra Plugins Necessary!

XStore is an all-in-one solution for WooCommerce and WordPress, with no plugins required. Check out its most advanced features, including AMP, Built-in Header and Single Page Product Builders, and much more.

Pay once and get lifetime updates

When a site loads quickly, visitors tend to have more enjoyable experiences. Get new features and new development in each future update.

Open Changelog

Our products is the most popular WooCommerce WordPress themes on the market. Trusted by 70000+ Happy Customers.


We are among the best on ThemeForest, having over 11 years.

XStore global built-in features

All you need to start selling

XStore is fully integrated with WooCommerce, allowing you to build successful online stores to sell anything online.

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XStore WooCommerce compatible

130 Prebuilt Websites

XStore comes with prebuilt demo websites that can be imported in one click. You can build an impressive website or build one that positively rocks!

One click installation Mix and match section blocks No coding required



Default 01 XStore WooCommerce theme - Electronics Mega Market demo Elementor Electronics Mega Market Electronics Mega Market lightfull-width
Default 02 XStore WooCommerce theme - Minimal Electronics demo Elementor Minimal Electronics Minimal Electronics lightfull-width
Default 03 XStore WooCommerce theme - Grocery Mega Market demo Elementor Grocery Mega Market Grocery Mega Market lightfull-width
Multi-Vendor XStore WooCommerce theme - Niche Market 02 demo Elementor Niche Market 02 WPBakery Niche Market 02 Niche Market 02 lightfull-widthmultivendors
XStore WooCommerce theme - Minimal Fashion 02 demo Elementor Minimal Fashion 02 Minimal Fashion 02 lightfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Furniture03 demo Elementor Furniture03 Furniture03 darkfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Yoga Accessories demo Elementor Yoga Accessories Yoga Accessories lightcorporatefull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - NFT Crypto Marketplace demo Elementor NFT Crypto Marketplace NFT Crypto Marketplace darkcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Web Agency demo Elementor Web Agency Web Agency lightcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Sport demo Elementor Sport Sport lightfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Minimal Fashion 03 demo Elementor Minimal Fashion 03 Minimal Fashion 03 lightfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Industrial Power Tools demo Elementor Industrial Power Tools Industrial Power Tools light
XStore WooCommerce theme - SEO agency demo Elementor SEO Agency SEO agency lightcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Luxury Jewelry demo Elementor Luxury Jewelry Luxury Jewelry light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Spices demo Elementor Spices Spices light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Kids Toys demo Elementor Kids Toys Kids Toys boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Home Decor02 demo Elementor Home Decor02 Home Decor02 light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Grocery Market demo Elementor Grocery Market Grocery Market lightfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Marseille04 demo Elementor Marseille04 Marseille04 darkfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Hemp & CBD demo Elementor Hemp & CBD Hemp & CBD lightboxed
XStore WooCommerce theme - Beauty & Cosmetics demo Elementor Beauty & Cosmetics Beauty & Cosmetics light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Lifestyle Blog demo Elementor Lifestyle Blog Lifestyle Blog light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Car Rental demo Elementor Car Rental Car Rental lightfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Car Parts demo Elementor Car Parts Car Parts lightfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Phone Service demo Elementor Phone Service Phone Service light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Bookstore demo Elementor Bookstore Bookstore light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Jewellery Niche Market demo Elementor Jewellery Niche Market Jewellery Niche Market lightmultivendors
XStore WooCommerce theme - Pet Shop demo Elementor Pet Shop Pet Shop light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Water Delivery demo Elementor Water Delivery Water Delivery light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Business 02 demo Elementor Business 02 Business 02 catalogcorporatelight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Green Energy demo Elementor Green Energy Green Energy lightfull-widthcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Sneakers demo Elementor Sneakers Sneakers darkfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Organic01 demo Elementor Organic01 WPBakery Organic01 Organic01 boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Minimal Fashion demo Elementor Minimal Fashion Minimal Fashion lightfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Real Estate demo Elementor Real Estate WPBakery Real Estate Real Estate lightcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Digital marketing demo Elementor Digital Marketing Digital marketing lightcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Niche Market 03 demo Elementor Niche Market 03 WPBakery Niche Market 03 Niche Market 03 darkfull-widthmultivendors
XStore WooCommerce theme - Online Courses demo Elementor Online Courses Online Courses lightcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Headphone demo Elementor Headphone WPBakery Headphone Headphone darkfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Marseille03 demo Elementor Marseille03 WPBakery Marseille03 Marseille03 darkfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Corporate demo Elementor Corporate WPBakery Corporate Corporate catalogcorporatelight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Eco Transport demo Elementor Eco Transport WPBakery Eco Transport Eco Transport catalogcorporatelight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Under Construction demo Elementor Under Construction Under Construction coming-soon
XStore WooCommerce theme - Medical demo WPBakery Medical Medical corporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Artmaxy demo WPBakery Artmaxy Artmaxy light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Babyland01 demo Elementor Babyland01 WPBakery Babyland01 Babyland01 boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Organic02 demo Elementor Organic02 WPBakery Organic02 Organic02 boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Medical02 demo Elementor Medical02 Medical02 corporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Default RTL demo WPBakery Default RTL Default RTL rtllight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Agricultural demo WPBakery Agricultural Agricultural full-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Marseille01 demo Elementor Marseille01 WPBakery Marseille01 Marseille01 boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Carwash demo Elementor Carwash WPBakery Carwash Carwash lightcorporatefull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Delivery demo Elementor Delivery WPBakery Delivery Delivery cataloglightone-page
XStore WooCommerce theme - Photographer demo WPBakery Photographer Photographer catalogfull-widthportfoliodark
XStore WooCommerce theme - X-Phone demo WPBakery X-Phone X-Phone full-widthlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Designers demo WPBakery Designers Designers cataloglightcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Cleaning demo Elementor Cleaning WPBakery Cleaning Cleaning full-widthlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Furniture2 demo Elementor Furniture2 WPBakery Furniture2 Furniture2 full-widthlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - X-Coming demo WPBakery X-Coming X-Coming coming-soon
XStore WooCommerce theme - Mobile demo Elementor Mobile WPBakery Mobile Mobile catalogone-pagelight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Spa demo Elementor Spa WPBakery Spa Spa cataloglight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Pizza demo WPBakery Pizza Pizza light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Typography demo WPBakery Typography Typography portfoliolight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Games demo WPBakery Games Games darkfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Business demo Elementor Business WPBakery Business Business catalogcorporatelight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Barbershop demo Elementor Barbershop WPBakery Barbershop Barbershop catalogfull-widthportfoliodark
XStore WooCommerce theme - Cocktails demo WPBakery Cocktails Cocktails cataloglight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Shoes demo Elementor Shoes WPBakery Shoes Shoes full-widthlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Tea demo WPBakery Tea Tea full-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Makeup demo WPBakery Makeup Makeup light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Merry Christmas Coming demo Elementor Merry Christmas Coming Merry Christmas Coming coming-soon
XStore WooCommerce theme - Furniture demo Elementor Furniture WPBakery Furniture Furniture boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Minimal demo Elementor Minimal WPBakery Minimal Minimal full-widthlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Burger demo WPBakery Burger Burger full-widthdark
XStore WooCommerce theme - Landing Watch demo Elementor Landing Watch WPBakery Landing Watch Landing Watch catalogone-page
XStore WooCommerce theme - Underwear demo WPBakery Underwear Underwear dark
XStore WooCommerce theme - Dark demo WPBakery Dark Dark dark
XStore WooCommerce theme - Organic demo Elementor Organic WPBakery Organic Organic boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Jewellery demo Elementor Jewellery WPBakery Jewellery Jewellery boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Restaurant demo Elementor Restaurant Restaurant dark
XStore WooCommerce theme - Gym demo WPBakery Gym Gym dark
XStore WooCommerce theme - Marketing demo WPBakery Marketing Marketing portfolio
XStore WooCommerce theme - Wedding demo Elementor Wedding WPBakery Wedding Wedding lightfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Sushi demo Elementor Sushi WPBakery Sushi Sushi catalogfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Handmade demo WPBakery Handmade Handmade full-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Hosting demo Elementor Hosting WPBakery Hosting Hosting catalogone-pagecorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Language Courses demo WPBakery Language Courses Language Courses portfoliolight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Finances demo Elementor Finances WPBakery Finances Finances catalogcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Concert demo WPBakery Concert Concert dark
XStore WooCommerce theme - Flowers demo Elementor Flowers WPBakery Flowers Flowers lightfull-width
XStore WooCommerce theme - Lawyer demo Elementor Lawyer WPBakery Lawyer Lawyer darkfull-widthcorporate
XStore WooCommerce theme - Home Minimal demo WPBakery Home Minimal Home Minimal light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Home-boxed demo WPBakery Home-boxed Home-boxed boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Default yellow demo WPBakery Default Yellow Default yellow light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Default red demo WPBakery Default Red Default red light
XStore WooCommerce theme - Drinks demo Elementor Drinks WPBakery Drinks Drinks cataloglight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Home-banners demo WPBakery Home-banners Home-banners boxedlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Dokan Multivendor Marketplace demo WPBakery Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Dokan Multivendor Marketplace multivendorslight
XStore WooCommerce theme - MultivendorX (Formerly WC Marketplace) demo WPBakery MultivendorX (Formerly WC Marketplace) MultivendorX (Formerly WC Marketplace) multivendorslight
XStore WooCommerce theme - WCFM Marketplace demo WPBakery WCFM Marketplace WCFM Marketplace multivendorslight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Coming soon flat demo WPBakery Coming Soon Flat Coming soon flat coming-soon
XStore WooCommerce theme - Coming soon red demo WPBakery Coming Soon Red Coming soon red coming-soon
XStore WooCommerce theme - Coming soon white demo WPBakery Coming Soon White Coming soon white coming-soonlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Coming soon black demo WPBakery Coming Soon Black Coming soon black coming-soon
XStore WooCommerce theme - Great things are coming demo WPBakery Great Things Are Coming Great things are coming coming-soon
XStore WooCommerce theme - Space coming demo WPBakery Space Coming Space coming coming-soon
XStore WooCommerce theme - Modern x coming demo WPBakery Modern X Coming Modern x coming coming-soonlight
XStore WooCommerce theme - Coming soon xstore demo WPBakery Coming Soon Xstore Coming soon xstore coming-soon
XStore WooCommerce theme - Coming soon demo Coming soon catalogone-pagecorporatemultivendorsdark
XStore WooCommerce theme - Coming soon demo Coming soon catalogone-pagecorporatemultivendorsdark

With the best-in-class features
and design templates.


Easily build Multi-Vendor Marketplace with XStore theme

Allow vendors to create individual stores, manage their inventories and shipping while you can earn commission on their sale.

XStore AMP

Built-in AMP for WooCommerce

AMP would help you to really jack up mobile loading times, and even rank higher in the search results. Provide the website visitors with a much better user experience.

  • 2X more time spent on an AMP page
  • 20% increase in sales conversions
  • 3x higher user engagement on AMP pages

Large & complete online library

With XStudio, you can sort, browse, combine different demos and preview the full range of available content. All the content is available to be added through the XStudio when building your website in Elementor Builder.

Learn More

High converting
eCommerce features

Grow sales with powerful upsale features: fake live viewing, frequently bought together products, shopping cart countdown, product swatches, product sold counter, and much more.

XStore fake-live-viewing
Fake live viewing

Boost sales by showing fake viewing visitors. Customize this feature and increase the likelihood of a sale.

XStore product-swatch
Product variation swatches

Turn product variation selection dropdown into color, button, radio, and image swatches in just a few clicks.

XStore fake-sale-popup
Fake sale popup

Instantly see what people are doing on your site in real-time.

XStore request-a-quote
Request a quote

Add this feature to your website and allow your customers to ask for price estimation.

XStore product-sold-counter
Product sold counter

Encourage customers to buy more by offering this hot feature.

XStore frequently-bought-together
Frequently bought together

Make it easier for customers to find their products to buy it together with just a few clicks.

XStore cross-sell
Cross-sells after "Add to Cart"

Add an up-sell or cross-sell products popup after a customer adds a product to their cart.

( Add any product to your cart )
XStore sticky-add-to-cart-bar
Sticky add to cart bar

Allow your customers to add their favorite products to cart without leaving pages.

XStore free-shipping-progress-bar
Free shipping progress bar on Cart page

The discount progress bar displays how much customers need to spend to get free shipping.

( Add any product to your cart and check then )
XStore product-with-video
Product with video

Show video instead of featured image and add videos to gallery in a few clicks.

XStore shopping-cart-countdown
Shopping cart countdown

With this magic feature you can increase revenue as well as profitability for your website.

( Add any product to your cart and check then )
XStore sale-countdown-timer
Sale countdown timer

Increase your sales and user experience by using a WooCommerce countdown feature.

XStore product-buy-now
Product buy now

Boost sales by adding advanced buy now button and redirect your customers directly to checkout page.

XStore floating-menu
Floating menu

Create the convenient floating menu for your site for better user experience.

XStore 360-product-viewer
360 product viewer

Add intro animations for getting attention by integrating the 360 product images on your website.

XStore express-checkout
Express checkout

Eliminate checkout friction and significantly improve your conversion rate with Express Checkout feature.

XStore Woocommerce compatible

XStore Design
Elements & Features

Essential elements every professional website needs. Build and customize all the key parts of your website.

arrows banner carousel animated headline horizontal timeline price list vertical timeline price table blockquote twitter feed image comparison ajax products tabs animations posts chess 360° product viewer product filters posts timeline twitter feed slider circle progress bar Parallax scrolling flipbox hotspot products general tabs advanced headline slides content switcher facebook embed gallery text button testimonials Toggle text posts tabs posts carousel ajax search media carousel modal popup grid layout feature posts icon list icon box countdown lottie animation scroll progress Floating effects paypal button facebook comments fixed sidebar product list banner linear progress bar product categories add to cart Coming Soon

+ New Element Request

XStore built-in design elements
Live Builder

Customize Everywhere Everything Anytime

XStore is designed to work with the best page builder in the market with a huge variety of options and settings to manage your website.

XStore WooCommerce theme elementor
XStore WooCommerce theme 360 degress Elementor element
XStore WooCommerce theme Animated Headline Elementor element
XStore WooCommerce theme Hotspot Elementor element
XStore WooCommerce theme Lottie animation Elementor element
XStore WooCommerce theme Image comparison Elementor element
XStore WooCommerce theme Colorpicker
XStore WooCommerce theme Scroll progress Elementor element
XStore WooCommerce theme landing demo
XStore WooCommerce theme Elementor builder compatible

Many more
professional features

Grid layout for Elementor

To make appropriately aligned webpages within Elementor, our Grid System will help you a lot.

HOT Sticky column Elementor

This effect allowing the text to remain stationary when scrolling the page up and down. Check how it works!

NEW Product variation gallery

Sending a beautiful order notification emails will create a better impression on your brand.

Floating effects

Create stunning animations for any widget using Elementor floating effect feature.

Built-in mega menu

That’s a pretty good feature — mega menus provide a user-friendly option to highlight deeper content on your site.

Advanced product filters

By adding this filtering functionality, you enable customers to browse your products according to their preferences with best UI/UX.

AJAX full screen search

Find the products in seconds with optimized AJAX search function.

Child Theme

Child theme files are included in the package, so you don’t need to create them yourself.

RTL Support

XStore fully supports RTL (Right-To-Left). Do not need to worry about it anymore because this works automatically.

Full AJAX shop & pagination

Replace your current pagination with infinite scroll, load more, or Ajax pagination – whichever suits your requirements.

Smart Image Lazy Loading

Load images super fast with built-in lazy loading and adaptive image functionality.

Cross domain copy-paste

With this advanced feature, you can recreate the same design across multiple websites with a single click.

HOT XStore white label, custom branding

Transform XStore into Your_Theme in a few clicks. Built in-house add-on, perfect for agencies and web developers.

Built-in WooCommerce email builder

Sending a beautiful order notification emails will create a better impression on your brand.

Advanced mobile panel

This feature allows you to customize your website's mobile panel in various ways to suit your needs and for a better user experience.

Multilingual & translation ready

XStore is translation ready and includes the .po and .mo files. Being translated into 20+ languages.

NEW Lottie animation

Build interactive websites with the added benefits of Lottie animation. Easily drag & drop your Lottie and animate just how you like it.

GDPR & Сookies

Keep your visitors informed of any cookies & third part embeds that may affect their data privacy.

Wide vs Boxed layouts

Choose between Boxed and Wide layouts. This can be set globally for all pages or per single pages and posts.

Parallax effect

Create stunning & modern pages with the smooth parallax effect that everyone loves.

Powerful live theme options

With our theme options you will have endless possibilities. From this place, you can manage almost anything you see on site.

Built-in plugins installator

"Must-have" plugins for WooCommerce, carefully handpicked by our experts in one place with one click installation. $467 worth of premium plugins included.

HOT Intuitive setup wizard

A step-by-step website setup wizard that makes it easy to generate websites on the fly and fast.

Catalog mode

Turn your online shop into a catalogue, by removing all Add to Cart buttons and any access to checkout pages with one click.

NEW Advanced cart & checkout layouts

Separated, multistep and classic layouts gives users a faster checkout experience, with less interruption.

Mouse Track Animations

In web design even a smallest effect can change the overall user experience.

Search by SKU

Save time for your customers by using the WooCommerce search by SKU function to find their favorite product

Off-canvas product filters

This feature provides better navigation to your customers and allows them to filter the products based on attributes, price, etc.

XStore custom icon font

Using additional icon fonts comes some performance considerations. That's why we created our own icon font with only those icons that are needed in 90% of cases.

Built-in slider

Add a clean, modern, image slider to any page on your WordPress site using a simple slider element.

+ New Feature Request + More features

XStore professional built-in features

Customers Showcase

Just some of the beautiful WooCommerce stores using XStore

XStore crownedhairgh.com CrownedHair Braided wigs crownedhairgh.com
XStore verdelafan.ro Verdelafan verdelafan.ro
XStore bonnybrookpharmacy.ie Bonnybrook pharmacy bonnybrookpharmacy.ie
XStore nannabella.it Nannabella nannabella.it
XStore acornandoak.co.za Acornandoak acornandoak.co.za
XStore adamopoulosflowers.gr Αρχική - Adamopoulos Flowers adamopoulosflowers.gr
XStore nehamta.com Nehamta nehamta.com
XStore www.maquinasfebal.es Maquinasfebal www.maquinasfebal.es
XStore kourbela.com Kourbela | Greek Fashion Designer kourbela.com
XStore zahradniolla.cz Zahradniolla zahradniolla.cz
XStore www.andreaventurashoes.com Andrea Ventura Firenze www.andreaventurashoes.com
XStore www.thekuma-store.com The Kuma store www.thekuma-store.com
XStore sylveco.pl Sylveco sylveco.pl

Frequently asked questions

Are the prebuilt websites fully customizable?

Yes, each prebuilt website is 100% customizable. Keep in mind, with XStudio, you can sort, browse, combine different demos and preview the full range of available content.

Where can I buy a license of XStore?

The license of XStore can be purchased exclusively through Envato Market (Themeforest) ONLY. Please note that according to the ThemeForest license policy, you can use 1 license for 1 project only (dev site, production site, localhost but the same project).

What is included with my purchase of XStore?
  • 6 or 12 months of free professional support.
  • 467$ worth of bundled premium plugins.
  • 120 prebuilt websites, with new sites released regularly.
  • 550+ blocks. Large & complete online library (XStudio)
  • Free, consistent, and stable updates to ensure compatibility with industry standards & trends.
  • XStore works with popular 3rd party plugins like Yoast SEO, The Events Calendar, HubSpot, WPML, and more.
Should I pay additionally for plugins I get with the theme?

NO, absolutely not. You do not need to pay additionally for using these plugins on the site where XStore was activated, at the same time activations using a key for plugins are not obligatory. Read more - https://xstore.helpscoutdocs.com/article/38-activation-and-purchase-codes

Which premium plugins come with XStore?
  • XStore Core
  • XStore AMP
  • XStore White Label
  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Slider Revolution
  • WooZone - WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates
  • YellowPencil - Visual CSS Style Editor
  • FileBird - WordPress Media Library Folders
  • WooCommerce Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination
  • Smart Product Viewer - 360º Animation
  • Massive Addons Page Builder
  • GMAPS for WPBakery Page Builder
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices
  • Quform - WordPress Form Builder
Are there any recurring fees?

No, absolutely not. There are no recurring license fees to use XStore. It is a one-time purchase that provides you with lifetime updates at no extra cost and is valid for life. You can choose to purchase a support extension after the initial 6 or 12 months of support has expired.

Do you offer a trial for XStore theme?

We don’t offer a trial version, but we do have a 7 day refund policy, so you can buy with confidence.

How can I get the support?

Our professional team of support experts is accessible 24/7. There are several possibilities.

The first way XStore support forum

Our support experts will be able to help in short terms and provide helpful solutions. Remember that we are opened to customers’ requests and we always do our best to find the best way to assist our clients. Follow the links below to create an account and submit a topic. Provide as much detail about the issue/question as possible, even if necessary, the screenshots for better understanding. Also include a link to your site, temporary Dashboard access if possible.

The second way Using private message via profile's page

You have a contact form at the right bottom section (you must be logged into your TF account to send us a message).

The third way Contact form on 8theme.com

Choose the necessary department, fill out the required fields and submit the request. This way is preferred for the pre-sale question and is not such handy for the post-sale technical questions.

Is it lifetime updates included?

Yes, each license include lifetime updates.

Can I use the XStore theme for multiple websites?

According to ThemeForest license policy https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard you can use 1 license for 1 project (dev and production sites). If you are going to create multiple websites with our theme, you need to purchase one regular license per domain/website.